What are the advantages of a hosted environment compared to server(s) on premises? Below we compare this for you.

Hosted On Premises
Location Your hosted SCADA environment runs in state-of-art-data centers. On three (virtual servers) servers on-site.
Access Your hosted SCADA environment can be accessed remotely via a secure VPN connection. Physical access to your environment is not possible or required. Your server should be placed in a secure location on-site.
Platform Your hosted SCADA server can be accessed from any device. You need to implement security and remote access yourself.
Secure Remote Access You need to install free open source OpenVPN software to access your secure environment. Configuration is easy. You can download your device configuration and import in your Windows, Mac and mobile devices. You need to implement security and remote access yourself.
Redundancy Your environment is hosted on redundant servers in the Cloud. You need to implement redundancy yourself.
Manage your environment Your can login into your portal and configure your environment. No IT-knowledge is necessary. You need a IT partner to manage your environment.
Network Security Your environment is securely protected using vLAN and firewalls. Web-access is possible via a secure DMZ (demilitarized zone) which separates your servers and client access. You need to implement vlan security yourself to separate client and server access. Your IT partner needs specialized knowledge to be able to create a secure environment.
User Access & Passwords The portal administrator can restore your password. You need your IT partner to restore access to your servers.
Password Expiration You can configure your password expiration policy yourself to comply with any ISO/NEN Certification You need to implement ISO/NEN compliance yourself.
Reporting Extensive reporting is possible with Dream Reports You need to implement reporting yourself.
Database The database is stored on redundant SSDs. SSD is the fastest storage solution available. You need to implement a (redundant) SSD storage solution yourself.
Software Licensing Your environment includes licensing for the latest version of Windows. You need to license your Windows Environment yourself.
Patch Management Patching your environment is done automatically. You need to update and patch your environment yourself.
Connectivity to Machines and Utility Connectivity is managed in your hosted SCADA portal. Modems are automatically provisioned, secured and kept up-to-date. It is very easy to add machines by ordering a pre-configured modem in your portal. You need to implement a secure connection to your machines yourself.
Monitoring All your servers and connections are monitored automatically and the status can be viewed in your portal. You can configure monitoring to receive an alarm. You need to implement a monitoring solution yourself.
Data Ownership You are the owner of your own data. The data is stored in your Private Cloud and can be downloaded or requested at any time. You store your data on your own servers.
Flexibility Your hosted SCADA environment can be upgraded easily in your portal if necessary. Your IT partner needs to monitor and upgrade your hardware.
Backup Your environment is backed up daily. You can manage your backup in the portal. Your IT partner needs to implement a backup solution.