Machine builders, factory owners and utility managers need secure access to machines for monitoring, development, data logging, reporting, predictive and preventive maintenance and control.

Therefore you need connectivity with secure access to your machines with our Managed Machine Network and your own SCADA environment in the Cloud to collect and analyze your data. An enterprise solution developed especially for SMEs.


Start building your SCADA environment. Order your starter pack and begin a three month trial period for only 450 euro (150 euro per month).*

Modem prices are listed on the Certified Modems for Managed Machine Network page on this website.

* Your trial also ends as soon as you connect additional modems.


One time set up cost: FREE

Monthly server costs for a Hosted SCADA environment: 500,00 euro

This includes
• Hosting your private servers
• Cloud firewall
• Secure connection
• Easy configuration
• Monitoring
• Support
• Backup
• Access to the portal