Machine Manufacturers (OEM) build and install machines like cranes, robots, press containers, conveyor belts, cutting machines all over the world that also need to be managed.

Normally a team of engineers manage these machines. They need remote access to all machines and their software applications. They often have a one-to-one connection to each modem connected to a machine. Each modem has a separate IP address, username and password. Currently it is time consuming to deploy & manage each site. As a company grows, more employees handle more sites, leading to higher risks and more costs managing incidents. Our Managed Machine Network enables you to face these challenges.

Single Sing-on
And if one of the engineers leaves the company potentially having a copy of all the passwords of the modems. This might be stored on his mobile phone, USB stick, home computer, iPad, private laptop or cloud account. The other engineers need to secure all modems and change all the passwords. A simple mistake in this process requires Then they have to go on site to fix the problem. Single Sign-on can prevent this.

Meet client standards
When your clients start asking for data reports, dashboards for preventive maintenance, requiring more modems and labor if these sites are not connected. In addition, the company is required to meet the SLA and uptime guarantees. MMN offers you that alternative that would improve Operations, reduce costs and meet clients standards.

4G & Roaming SIM Management
BizQIT Managed Modems also support 4G as a primary and fallback connection. With the Roaming Sim Management software which is included in the portal you do not have to buy and manage separate mobile data subscriptions & plans. You can easily manage the Sims within the MMN Portal.


Having a Managed Machine Network to retrieve data benefits every department including Maintenance, Sales, Legal, Finance and Research and Development.


BizQITs advanced modems are managed through a secure cloud based Managed Machine Network (MMN) portal.

Pretty much anyone can (re)place a Managed Modem. An engineer installs and manages the modems in the Managed Machine Network portal. A secure VPN connection is established to all sites automatically.

Through the MMN portal, engineers get access to any device, real time, without manually creating a network connection and without the need for special IT skills.


This model gives a OEM company a few major advantages:

  1. Easy placement and deployment of new sites and modems. Replaced modems are automatically configured and managed through a secure cloud based portal.
  2. Single Sign-On. The Company is not at risk when an employee leaves. You can quickly lock the technicians account centrally and keep full control.
  3. Full control to every PLC/HMI real time at without manually creating a connection to the remote site. You can connect to any PLC from any brand as if the PLC is connected directly to his laptop.
  4. Up-to-date modem with the latest firmware.
  5. Connection to the network from any device including Windows, MacOS, Unix, Cloud Servers, IOS & Android or any other private network.
  6. First time installation takes minutes instead of hours.

Extra features

  1. Configure Fine Grained Access Restrictions
  2. Auditing / Logging using IP Address Translation Table,
  3. Mac address filtering allows you to specify which laptops can access machine networks onsite.
  4. On-Site Rogue Device Detection detects unwanted/untrusted devices plugged into the network.
  5. Site Connectivity Monitoring informs you if a site goes offline.
  6. Automated Change Management Database

The bi-directional real-time connection to every machine also empowers you to:

  1. Upgrade multiple PLC’s overnight
  2. Start an automated Machine Deployment

You can connect to every device simultaneously. And with a Scada Server in the Cloud you can pull all the data from the machines or decide to send the data from the machine to the Cloud.


The Managed Machine Network is now up and running. Thanks to our innovators and partners. But the Managed Machine Network is still work in progress. We are looking for early adopters to help us improve this service and adding new features.

Want to be part of the programm as an early adopter? Optimize the product to your standards and needs? Feel free to join us. Sign up for our pilot project. Mail us your contact information and we will get in touch with you.